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Remember the Fallen


Remember the Fallen is the result of many years of research into individual casualties commemorated primarily on war memorials in Worcestershire, England with several from Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and Shropshire. 

Childswickham Memorial Hall Plaque http://www.rememberthefallen.co.uk /Casualties/ListByMemorial/Childswickham%20Memorial%20Hall 

Vision Counselling
Helen Ferreira

AS Active
We are a group of parents with children with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Our aim is to provide a network of friends for our kids to play and socialise with, and for parents and families to take a moment for themselves safe in the knowledge that their children are enjoying time with their peers in a caring and safe environment. http://www.asactive.org/AS_Active/Welcome.html

Childswickham Cricket Club