How Childswickham Memorial Hall was acquired and modernised

In 1927 a barn was bought from Mr C Barnett by The National Council of Social Service who became the permanent Trustee. Management Trustees were appointed from organisations within the village.   

In 1971 the trusteeship was transferred to The Charity Commissioners.

From its inception the hall was used for all village social activities and in 1965 it was modernised at a cost of £4,500, £2,750 was raised by grants and the remainder by the village parishioners to enable toilets, a new heating system and a kitchen to be installed.

By 2002 the trustees decided the hall desperately needed updating again. A huge effort was made to transform the hall into what we are proud to have today – the main hall, kitchen, snooker room and meeting room all of which are independently heated and are individually hired.

Approximately £170,000 was raised which included a lottery grant, local council grants and other local grants. Various activities took place in the village to make up the shortfall to reach the final amount.

Childswickham Conservation Area Appraisal

‘The special interest of Childswickham is:

  • Its long history, still evident in the layout of the village, in its buildings and other visible surviving features;
  • The survival of a clear demonstration of historic social hierarchy within the village, evident in the size, design and siting of building;
  • The survival of the historic form of buildings, plots, and village layout;
  • The number of historic buildings;
  • The contribution of trees, gardens and open spaces’
See: http://www.wychavon.gov.uk/documents/10586/157693/wdc-planning-her-childswickham.pdf

BBC Domesday Reloaded
In 1986 the BBC launched an ambitious project to record a snapshot of everyday life across the UK for future generations.